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Kahramanmaras, an open-air museum that survived with thousands of years of history, has been home to many civilizations and the city that witnessed the flow of history from the first ages to today. It is a city that written by famous historian Herodotus, a legendary name, a fond of freedom, and a passion for the flag.
You can also visit Sütçü Imam, who is the hero that burns the torch of Independence War, and you can feel the history ... 
You can see remains from Antique Elephant Exhibition Hall, Direkli Cave, Excavation and Animation Hall, Domuztepe Höyük Animation and Excavation Exhibition Hall, Late Hittite Works Exhibition Hall, Mosaic Exhibition Hall, Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze, Iron, Greek, Roman and Byzantine Periods and also you can visit 7 exhibition halls including Stone Works Exhibition Hall and Chronological Archaeological Works Exhibition Hall in Kahramanmaras Museum. Kahramanmaras is a city that has proved itself in the field of culture and its art admired by a lot of people. At the Grand Bazaar you can visit the masters, sermons, wood and copper masters who perform art with hand labor, and you can see the works of them and the city’s culture.
If you are in search of religion tourism, Kahramanmaras will fulfill all your requests in this sense ... Ashab-ı Kehf, which has attracted attention with its story for centuries, has become one of the most visited places in Kahramanmaraş.
You can visit Malik Ejder (Eşter) shrine, one of the important Islamic commanders, who did the gaza and jihad movements in northern Syria for a long time.
You can find peace at Abdulhamid Han Cami which satisfies the eyes with its architecture and other historic mosques. If you want a nature combined with green, blue and white: you’re at the right place...Kahramanmaras is a city that placed in Toros Mountains’s foothills and you won’t want to leave its nature and clean air. If you want to leave the city life for a day, Başkonuş Plateau will give you unforgettable moments with its nature and pine smells..
With its rivers, lakes and waterfalls Kahramanmaras is the wonder of nature but city also has Yedi Kuyular Ski Center which is close to the city and welcomes guests with its unlimited service. You can see the 7-pointed ladybugs only in Uludaz Plateau and you can spend the day inside the nature ... You can take a walk in the morning in Onikişubat’s Bicycle and Walking Road which is right beside to our hotel or you can go cycling in the magnificent view ...
You can visit the ancient city of Germenicia in Kahramanmaras and the see remains from the Roman Empire. From the 11,000 plants that grow in our country, only 3500 of them are endemic plants and Kahramanmaras has 2500 plant species and 500 of them are endemic plants. Some of these are only grows in Kahramanmaraş’s natural environment and almost 25 of take their names from Kahramanmaras’s towns and mountains and are known in the science by these names. Similarly, 8 out of 144 important plant areas identified in our country are located in Kahramanmaraş.